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About Starfriends

Starfriends is closing in February 2022

Hi everyone, I'm afraid we have some sad news for you.

After several years of on-and-off development, and with hosting costs during low times covered by generous and kind crowdfunding donations, we're sorry to say that we're going to have to close Starfriends in February 2022.

It's not easy to shut up shop after we put so much work into it, but that's more than outweighed by how exciting and satisfying it's been to create a website that proves that online dating doesn't have to be so binary or restrictive when it comes to gender and orientation. I truly believe we've done something radical and special, and I know for sure that me and Andréa are both bowled over by the knowledge that some close and long-lasting relationships have grown here. What an honour that is, to have been a part of that!

We're so grateful to those of you who've spent time here, helped with development (no bug report too small!), donated hard-earned cash for server costs, and invited your friends. You've all been excellent. We hope you're all weathering the pandemic and staying connected. Take care of yourselves.

Andréa and Cassian

What is Starfriends?

Starfriends is an inclusive social network / dating site. It doesn't ask for your gender, and never will. Instead, you can add to your profile an unlimited amount of tags to describe yourself, the persons you'd like to meet and the activities you might want to share with them.

Those tags are entirely up to you, and creating new ones is as easy as using existing ones! The already existing tags have been created by other users like you anyway!

Starfriends lets you decide what you are willing to share

When most social networks and dating sites focus on sharing as many informations as possible about yourself and even making some of those informations mandatory, like gender or age, Starfriends gives you full power over those settings.

On Starfriends, if you don't want to share your gender, you can, if you don't want to share your pronouns, you can, even pictures you can upload to your profile are private by default and can't be seen by anyone (no, not even Google), and so are your tags.

All those settings make Starfriends a safe place for everyone.

Starfriends helps you hide

With its unique system of tags, Starfriends allows you to meet new people according to who you identify as, who you're looking for in a person, and what you'd like to do together.

Tags can also be used to block people from even seeing you, and you from seeing them, to help prevent you from meeting the wrong people ever again.

Who can join Starfriends?


Who's developing Starfriends?


Can I help?

Absolutely! Head over to GitHub to suggest features or report bugs:

If you want to talk to Andréa directly, you can also send her an e-mail:

Or join the Telegram group dedicated to Starfriends' testing and development:

Who finances Starfriends?

As of now, there's no clear plans on how to finance Starfriends. The project is currently financed by donations from supporters of the project and Andréa.
If you'd like to donate, you can do so via PayPal at this address: or to

Or contact Andréa directly by e-mail:


Suggest features and report bugs on GitHub:
Join the Telegram group dedicated to Starfriends' testing and development:
Support the project by donating via PayPal at this address:


Andréa -